Our goal as a duo is to bring the joy of music to as many people as possible, using our guitars as the vehicle.  We strive to present exciting, engaging concerts that include new music as well as fresh perspectives on existing compositions.  We feel that the guitar duo format is an exciting way to experience and expand the vast possibilities of our instrument and its repertoire.  We have performed in both traditional and non-traditional venues and are always open to new possibilities and projects.

As experienced performers and educators, The Coda Duo has a deep commitment to furthering music in both our performances and in educational settings.

In addition to our concerts, we are able to present engaging classes to all level of musicians, including non-guitarists. Our education includes training in guitar pedagogy, working with large and small ensembles, and composition/arranging.  We have many years of experience with students of all ages and skill level.  We are available for master classes and even longer term residences.

For more information on bookings, please visit our contact form.