Spaces Between CD

by The Coda Duo

Our new recording project, Spaces Between, is inspired by our passion for bridging gaps and exploring the new possibilities of our guitar duo.

Primarily, the name refers to the geographic distance between the two of us. Our duo began in South Carolina while we were both graduate students at USC.  We both continue to perform and teach, Brett in SC, Chris in the DC area. This geographic distance has presented new and exciting challenges for our duo collaboration. It has helped to further forge our bond as an ensemble, calling on us to transform how we prepare music, rehearse together, and plan performances.

Secondly, we are seeking to cover the space between different styles of music with this new project. We are committed to good music. We perform what moves us. For this recording we’ve selected music that ranges from an American popular song by Dave Matthews to Spanish music all the way to a tango. This recording features two new works that have been dedicated and composed for us. Our relationship with German composer Ralf Bauer has produced another piece, Seguidilla, that serves as a continuation to Sonata Andaluz, which we premiered and recorded in 2010. Additionally, French composer Fabrice Pierrat has dedicated his newest work, Adios Muchacha to us. Also, we’ve decided to record the six-part orchestral piece Kaleidoscope by Hungarian composer Miklos Rozsa, which has been arranged for guitar duo by Gregg Nestor. It is a unique experience to be part of expanding the repertoire of an instrument, and we are so excited to be part of that.

Thirdly, we are seeking to feature the possibilities of the guitar in both solo and duo format. We both perform solo and ensemble music and find it important to highlight great works for both. This project also contains solo works performed by both of us. The solo compositions are of Spanish composer Isaac Albeniz and contemporary German composer Ralf Bauer.